Insuring Special Events

No matter how thoroughly you prepare your celebration, you can suffer a monetary loss if accidents beyond your control occur. Private Event Insurance can help things go right, even when things fail.

The Private Event Insurance Cancellation/ Postponement plan protects your monetary investment in your occasion in 2 methods:

  • If you’re required to cancel/ reschedule the whole event for a covered loss
  • If your occasion takes location as scheduled but you experience a covered damage/ loss to event photos/videos, outfit, invitations, and more
    Occasion Cancellation/ Postponement Insurance can assist your occasion to go smoothly at every phase by safeguarding you versus:
  • Lost deposits/ vendor insolvency throughout the planning period
  • Damage to photos, special clothes, and more
  • Nonrefundable deposits if you are required to hold off the entire occasion
    How will Event Cancellation/ Postponement Insurance safeguard you if the unexpected occurs?

To see how your coverage will work, choose the Cancellation/ Postponement level that represents your total event budget plan from this list: